Care & Cleaning

Wren & Rye uses the minimal amount of chemicals to keep the shape of the hat consistent. Because of this, it is best to:

  • Only handle your hat with clean, dry hands.
  • Pick up the hat by the back or front of the brim to avoid loss of shape.
  • Never place the hat on it's brim. Place your hat on a hat form, hat stand or stuff with tissue paper to retain shape.
  • Humidity may cause the hat to shrink and lose its shape, sunlight may cause colors to fade. When not wearing your hat it is best to store your hat to avoid any damage.
  • Some hats contain wires in the brim. Avoid folding hat which could result in a broken or bent wire.

Braving the Elements

  • All hats have a light waterproofing applied for the occasional drizzle.
  • Your hat is best for cold, but not suitable for heavy rain. Whenever possible, using a hat protector will ensure your hat doesn't become damaged due to weather.
  • Some water spots may be remedied with light steam. Please contact Wren & Rye to see if a steam can be scheduled or for guidance on how to steam properly.
  • Do not use a blow dryer or other heating source to dry a wet hat. Gently blot any large drops and leave the hat to air dry.
  • A gentle hat brush can be used to brush off any lint, making sure you go the direction of the fibers and never back and forth.