Wren & Rye offers ready to wear pieces that can be recreated in many color combinations and material types. Please submit a request and we will inform you of our availability to take on custom orders at the time of the inquiry.

When submitting a request please include the following:

  • Type of felt listed below, row and number of color.
  • If ribbon or additional trim is included as part of the original hat you want to have recreated, please note any changes in trim color. Suggestions can also be provided at the customer's request.
  • Any other modifications you'd like to see made from the original piece.

When deciding on a color below, please know:

  • If your hat has used limited fabric short brim is generally acceptable (cloches generally can use short brim materials.)
  • If your hat has a wide brim, more material is required. (Unsure about what length you need? Please email and we'll respond with the appropriate information.)
  • If you're looking to have a short brimmed piece recreated and only see your desired color in the long brim selections Wren & Rye can still place the order, with the material being slightly more expensive.

Material Types:

  • Fur Felt - Very common felt type. Smooth finish, most milliners use this for standard hats.
  • Velour - Softer finish than fur felt.
  • Salome - Heathered finish. The Alstead F/W 13 cloche uses the blue slalome.
  • Penny conscious? Wren & Rye can quote you for a wool felt piece, if desired.

A note about material:

  • We love our suppliers and the quality materials they provide. Just like any material, variations occur with textures and dye lots. If you are trying to do an exact color match, let us know and we'll do our best to provide a suggestion for a best match.
  • We need a little extra time with custom orders:
    • Wren & Rye uses one local supplier and one more distant supplier.
    • If the material is not something we already have in stock, we'll provide information on any additional time needed to complete your order due to shipping.
  • Occasionally someone else loves a color just as much as we do and the requested color is no longer in stock. In this case, there are a few options:
    • We can contact the supplier and request an availability date to provide you.
    • We can keep an eye out for the material availability while ordering materials and inform you if the color is back in stock.
    • Another color can be selected.

Your custom hat:

  • Photos will be provided before final payment and shipping occur. We want to make sure you love your custom piece and will request approval before we send the piece your way.
  • For all pieces above $125.00, a materials deposit of $50.00 will be requested.


  • Wren & Rye uses vintage felts when available. Due to limited availability, these items are one of a kind and can only be created using an alternative material/color if the original piece has sold.