Is there significance in your hat's naming? 

All Wren & Rye hats are named for streets in Laura's hometown, greater Detroit. 

How does your sizing work?

For hats other than toppers, berets or fascinators it is best to measure your head size to determine if you will need the hat sized smaller or larger than standard size.

All Wren & Rye women's blocks are 22 1/2 inches (57cm) and men's blocks 23 inches (59cm). Stretching is possible with most hats for larger sizes, adjustable headbands can be sewn in for a slight reduction from standard size.

How to measure your head:

The tape measure should wrap around the head, slightly above the ears and eyebrows. It should feel snug but not tight.  It is best to have someone else measure for your to avoid error, and take the average of three measurements. 

How do you price your items?

All hats are priced on materials and time required to complete your order. Please request a price for items that exist on the site, or a quote will be provided for custom orders.

I don't see any men's hats on your site, do you design for men? 

Men's hats will be available during F/W 2017. A well designed fedora makes me just has happy a pretty, petite cloche. 

What's the difference between felt types? 

Milliners often prefer to use fur felt, or felts with a velour or heathered appearance instead of wool felt due to texture and richer appearance. Many types are offered from Wren & Rye, with options beyond wool felt being slightly more expensive due to material costs. 

Do you take custom orders?

Wren & Rye is happy to take custom orders whether they are for bridal, derby, costume or event. Please contact Wren & Rye via the Contact form with a description of the custom item you'd like created, your location and your desired delivery date and a quote will be provided.

If you are requesting a recreation, please note Wren & Rye may not be able to accommodate requests that cannot be accomplished with existing owned blocks. 

Do you use heavy chemicals or work in a studio with potential allergens?

All Wren & Rye hats are created in a pet free, smoke free environment. Sizing and weatherproofing are applied to all hats to ensure the longevity of the products. Sweatbands and linings are in most hats and may prevent direct contact with the felt. We try to use the minimum amount of chemicals while still ensuring the integrity of your hat's shape and appearance.

Why buy handmade?

Local businesses love your support, and your satisfaction with a purchase is what makes us tick. Wren & Rye wants to provide you with something unique and long lasting that was made with the greatest care.

How long do your orders take to complete?

Shipping is based on duration of time to complete, and availability of materials. When an order is requested, Wren & Rye will provide you a time estimate for completion. Please generally allow 2-3 weeks for delivery for a made to order piece, and 3-5 weeks from order to delivery for custom pieces.

Can I use your hats for commercial purposes?

Absolutely. Please provide any info if used for a photo, editorial or web use. 

Additional questions can be submitted via the Wren & Rye Contact form.